BlackBerry Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the BlackBerry Login:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Since the webpage is very confusing, and tough to navigate through, we have taken the initiative of providing you the direct link to the Blackberry Login area. First you will need to copy and paste this link to your web browsers empty address bar,, simply highlight this link, right click, scroll to copy. Then in the empty address bar, right click, then choose paste. When that is complete, hit enter and it will take you to the login site.
  2. Once you have entered the page, you will see two empty text boxes. The first one is for your Username which is your email address, go ahead and type that in, making sure you use the same address as when you originally registered. 
  3. Now that you have inputed your email address, the next box is for your password, type slowly to lessen your chance of making an error.
  4. Once you have the information for both text boxes, simply click the Login button. 



Having issues logging in? Try resetting your credentials.

  1. If you can not get into your account, you probably have made an error in your password, or forgotten it altogether. Do not worry, though! From the main Blackberry Login site directly below where you input your information, click the link 'Forgot Password?' to reset your login credentials.
  2. It opens a page asking you for your Username and to type the captcha code. Input your Username on the first text field and once finished, move on to the second one and carefully input the captcha code to avoid any errors while trying to reset your login credentials.
  3. The next screen, it will have a question you set up originally, simply input your answer in the box provided, and click on next.
  4. Next, you will need to check your email for the automated response in connection of retrieving your password. If it isn't in your Inbox, check your spam folder it may have been sent there. 
  5. Open the email, and click on the link provided to reset your password. 


Still having problems? Try the contact page.

If you are still having problems in regards to logging in to your Blackberry account, you may tweet to Blackberry at @BlackBerryHelp or you can always visit their Community Forums for the retrieval of your login credentials.

Note: Phone Support not available.



Remember to bookmark this page, and check back often! If there are any changes to the login processes you will be the first to know. We keep our information current so we can better assist you!